Nobody Can Find My Blog On Google

When I was doing a job that involved a full amount of time. Then I had a small number of stay at home mom acquaintances. I used to stare them with resentment thinking that they were the luckiest personalities found on the face of this planet, since they were enjoying the bliss of domestic life.

Circumstances forced me to leave my job owing to the fact that I became a victim of a disease known as Rheumatoid Arthritis. I had to take quite a few drugs for it and since it was affecting the joints of my body, those of the fingers of my hands were no exception. Even then I managed to keep my fingers mobile on the laptop and started making blog friends from all across the globe. Adam, my hubby stood by me in those hours of pain and always encouraged me to keep my spirits high. Not only was I using the antidotes for the disease but was also undergoing physical therapy sessions for the same. And I tell you my online buddies turned out to be a real asset for me. (more…)

Up the Ladder One Step at a Time

The saying that hindsight is always 20/20 could not be more true every day that you get older.

Ever seen the subreddit /r/showerthoughts? The posts are a collection of conclusions that were discovered while the original poster was in the shower. Have you ever had fabulous insights that really help you sort through the daily problems of life? Maybe what you should have done today, what you should have said to someone in a discussion, or what have you?

When I lay in my bed fading away into sleep, my brain that is slightly out of whack begins to contemplate all of life. I will think about memories of choices made as recent as the day of and as distant as my youth, all up and down the spectrum. Silence from the outside world seem to be the best way for me to do my necessary constructive critical thinking. When I finally get to be alone with just my brain, I seem to think much more clearly. Without the ambient noise of people, electronics, and birds, being able to formulate thoughts are a breeze. It’s just the distraction of people and oncoming sleep that bring my from my thoughts. At these times, when I have clear thinking, I began to contemplate my way of life. I was moving up in the world, but I was reading and gaining knowledge at the same time. I was reading self help and get rich books and the conclusion that I kept coming to was to move fast. Every day that I would have a moment to think, I kept telling myself that I need to move faster than I am. There is more that can be accomplished each day and I must seize the moment, There was, and there still is no way to predict what the future holds. (more…)

What were your dreams as a child?

Growing up through our youth, our brains are trying to figure out everything that is going on in the world. For our young infantile minds, we are not used to leaving on planet Earth as much of the rest of the humans here before us. As we grow older, we learn more and more about what it means to be a human, and the role of all our lives here on the planet.

Depending on the environment that we each are respectively raised in, there are some dramatic differences in the way that we think compared to other children in other locations in the world. But something that brings all sorts of young children together is their aspirations. There is something about lack of responsibility and freedom to think and discovering new things that the world has to offer that makes children aspire and dream more than most adults.

One common question that children are asked is what do you want to be when you grow up.Some children would say they want to be a doctor, others a teacher, or a firefighter. Some people will say they want to be rich when they grown up. While, others will say they just want a happy family with a couple of children, a dog, a cat, and maybe some chickens too. But one common element is that the children do not know what the future holds, but they have high aspirations for it. The question of, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” is a very important question to ask children. It reinforces in the child that they should dream big. They should continue to challenge themselves and set up a goal in mind so they create a dream to look forward to for the rest of their life.

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Why Live the Good Life?

Growing up in Somalia I know what the crap life is all about.  I’ve lived poor and rich in my life, and choose rich life every time.  No one in the Somali and US school systems teaches anyone about money.  Common questions are never discussed in school like what is money?  Where does money come from?  How is money created?  How can you multiply money?  How do you grow money?  Anyone that is financially successful in life has had to face these challenging questions on there journey uphill.
It’s not always easy.  Many people have different background situations.  Some people have massive amounts of debt, whether that’s college debt or equity debt.  Having kids while trying to be financially successful can be detrimental.  The first step is understanding how money works.  Most people fail to comprehend how and why the good life is the right answer.  If you want more time and money on your side, the good life is something you aspire for then.  The 99% in the world have to work for money, economic slavery, versus the rich having their money work for them, ownership.  At some point in your life you have to figure out which side of the table you want to sit on.


What is Stopping You?

This post is for the members of first world countries. If you are in an under developed nation or a third world country, it is great to see you on the internet, and keep pushing forward in life, but this most is more the people who have the opportunity, and the trials that a first world nation provides.

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Like I said in the previous post, you must stay focused on your goals if you want them accomplished. Stay away from the things that slow you down in life. The TV watching, the video game playing, the media surfing, even the daily news is stuff that is not particularly going to increase the likelihood of your success. If you want to create a lifestyle where you become a cognoscenti person of your particular skill set, business, or trade, then you must entrench yourself in it. I have read that people who work 80 hours a week at something get 4 times the amount of work as someone who puts in the traditional 40 hours a week at something. There are 168 hours per week. About 50 of those hours you will spend sleeping leaving 118 hours per week to spend on productivity. If you are without a job, and have not too much else going on in your life, then you need to be spending more hours on your project than you ever imagined. The reason the person who works 80 hours a week accomplishes 4 times more than the person who works 40 is because the person who works tirelessly at their craft begins to live it. Every day they wake up, they know that to accomplish what they want, they have to put in the necessary time. When only working 40 hours a week at something, that is only about a quarter of your week, or about a third of the time you are awake working. At 80 hours a week, it becomes half of your week, or over 2/3 of the time you are awake. 2/3 of your awake time causes your body and your brain to realize how much dedication is going into this project, and, pretty soon, the brain will start firing charges around that cause you to consistently think about the task at hand and reel in your focus every day. (more…)

How Did I Make It?

I frequently get asked the question, how did I make it? Some of you have possibly been a couple of the randoms who have hit me up on Facebook, and Twitter ( that’s the only guess I have for the rise in questions), but I’m here to clear a few things up. The number one thing I can share with you guys is to get your hustle on. The reason I made money and became a success was because every day, I woke up, and felt blessed that God gave me another day to hustle my balls off. I understood somewhat how the economy worked, I also knew that it took some money, to capitalize on that money, and make fat gains. I set my sights on the rich life and wanted to get there. I had such a strong burning desire in my heart to make it the happy life, that good good life. I also saw my momma in the sky when I would look up and ask God for some inspiration. Just about every time, my brain would create a picture of my momma in different moods. Sometimes she would be smiling at me for the hard work that I have been putting in that day, and I felt she was proud of me. Sometimes though, when I was slacking a little bit, I would look into the sky and see she had a look of disappointment upon me. I knew, and she knew when I could have been working harder and when I could have been more focused on the goals that I had set out to accomplish. I always knew the number one goal I had in life was to help my mom back in Somalia live a happy life, and particularly one of good fortune.


Having actually experienced the poor life that many Somalians succumb too, including theft, killing, rape, sickness, drugs, and just bad deeds all around horrified me. I actually was able to see the detrimental way of life that people were living in and their way out, which was non-existent. I told myself I did not want to live like them anymore. I did not want to have be put in that situation ever. For my family, for myself, for my future children, I needed to make a name for myself so I could make a serious difference in my family’s life. (more…)

Continued after leaving Somalia

Where I last left you, I had begun working for a nice Texan man doing landscaping. This is where my life starts to toward the up and up. At the moment, I was living illegally in America, but the man was kind enough to give me nearly minimum wage, which was more than enough to afford a studio apartment that would allow me to pay cash for my expenses. Although, I had no electricity, no running water, and was forced to take care of myself using water bottles for my bathing and drinking needs. Life was a struggle, but it was within the first year of living here I had begun working on becoming a U.S. citizen. With the help of the kind Texan, I was able to get my green card and live here temporarily for work. I was now a legal resident!


No more stealing cargo, no more guiding boats, I could make an honest living for once. Let’s just say, I was happier than I imagined I could be!

Once I became a legal resident, the kind Texan man let me know it was going to be troubling to pay me a minimum wage deal, so he referred me to his brother in law in the bay area of California. Thank goodness for that, because I was able to be near water at nearly every angle. Something about the vastness of the oceans gave me relief that escape was possible at any angle.

The man that the kind Texan referred me to was a business owner. He set me up as a pool cleaner in Walnut Creek, CA. The job was much easier than I had imagined going in, I thought it would be hard work. But, the man paid me very nicely and I was able to start saving enough money to invest. I had a desire for investment and knew that in this economy, it was very easy to get rich without doing much work if you could read the market. And so began my business minded lifestyle. Without enough cash in my pocket, I knew I could do anything. (more…)

The Beginning of Me

Hey everyone, I am Chayntnear Abulagambanay, I am born of East Africa family, but I grow up in U.S.A. I live now in Zanzibar Island and Tanzania, and I love it. Most of the future articles will be of discussion about Tanzania, but it took me a while to build up my fortune to be able to afford living here as it is higher expensive more than most places in Africa. Africa is a very poor continent as a whole, but the luxurious place to live like me in Zanzibar island take some money, usually coming with loads and loads of hardest work, more than most.

So like I said, I was born in East Africa, Somalia to be exact. Not many of us in Somalia make it out to have a better life. To be honest, most of my childhood friends did not either. They either are doing illegal pirating, which is primarily stealing from others for themselves, dead, or they moved away from their home and I have lost all of my contact with them.

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