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Nobody Can Find My Blog On Google

When I was doing a job that involved a full amount of time. Then I had a small number of stay at home mom acquaintances. I used to stare them with resentment thinking that they were the luckiest personalities found on the face of this planet, since they were enjoying the bliss of domestic life.

Circumstances forced me to leave my job owing to the fact that I became a victim of a disease known as Rheumatoid Arthritis. I had to take quite a few drugs for it and since it was affecting the joints of my body, those of the fingers of my hands were no exception. Even then I managed to keep my fingers mobile on the laptop and started making blog friends from all across the globe. Adam, my hubby stood by me in those hours of pain and always encouraged me to keep my spirits high. Not only was I using the antidotes for the disease but was also undergoing physical therapy sessions for the same. And I tell you my online buddies turned out to be a real asset for me. (more…)