The Cause

My cause in life is simple. I want to inspire people to start thinking drastically different than they currently are. Too many are currently thinking with shallow minds and are afraid of going deep down under the surface to discover what their true thoughts, dreams, aspirations, beliefs, and emotions are.

The rat race of the human life is coming to a head. Most of the world is focused on their jobs and their social lives, and I just believe that there is so much more to living than just that.

I am no fan of money, I just know that’s what was necessary to get to the living level that I wanted in life and I wanted to help my mom live a better life, and by having money, it is the only way.

Money rules everything around me, and while I am grateful for what it has given me, I hope to help ignite the cause to take currency out of the economy and see if there are other ways to keep the world churning.

I am a big fan of technology, and believe that it is the answer to many of the problems the world faces. I think technology is going to be the difference maker between this human race an the next. I can only be excited for what the future holds, and you all should be too. Live an optimistic life, and your optimism will radiate off on people and get them to believe as you. Many people have no belief in what the future lies ahead, and I believe a lot of it has to do with the pessimistic thinking.

Spread the word about this website. It will keep getting more and more interesting. I will soon be talking about some very significant beliefs of the human race that are kept under the surface. You won’t wanna miss this!